You can do this at the pay station or in the office next time you come to Woodie’s.

By the end of 2021, we hope to have approximately 10 Woodie’s Wash Shack locations throughout the Tampa Bay Area.  Check out the news & events section of our website to learn more about which locations are currently under construction.

YES! Being a member at one location gives you access to all of our locations.

No. The membership is specific to one vehicle and the corresponding RFID tag or license plate number. However, we offer a family plan that allows additional memberships to be added to your account for $5 off each additional vehicle. All vehicles on a family plan must be in the Pipeline or the Wipeout wash package and must be paid on the same credit card.

YES! We are happy to help you with that. Please see a crew member next time you’re at Woodie’s!

No. Upon cancellation, your membership will remain active until the date of your next billing draft. At that time, it will become inactive and we will no longer bill your card.

The Pipeline has the best value and is the absolute BEST wash we provide.  This package has every wash product we offer, which gives your ride detailed attention from top to bottom.

The Ceramic Seal by Armor All is not only adding double protection to your vehicle, but it significantly enhances the shine.  A ceramic coating adds a layer of protection to the exterior of your vehicle.  It is a polymer that binds directly with your vehicle’s paint or clear coat to protect it from UV rays, sun, salt, sand and more.  It can also help protect from chemical damage and etching.  It will make your car easier to clean and MUCH shinier!

If you are looking for a better shine PLUS protection- it’s totally worth it.  In our harsh conditions in FL, the more protection you can apply to your vehicle and the more times you can apply it – the better! Becoming a Wipeout member will ensure that your ride gets a new ceramic protection treatment every time to come!

Email us at: info@woodieswash.com or give us a call at 813-868-3100

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